MICHELLE EISTRUP is a visual artist, arts producer and instigator of artistic collaboration who lives in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Michelle’s art incorporates themes of identity, corporeality, faith, memory and postcolonialism, where her transnational background (Danish, Jamaican, American) is sometimes a point of departure. She traverses varied artistic expressions that include photography, drawing, video, sound and performance, and yet all are integrated in a heart-centered practice that is led by spirit and a strong belief in the transformative potential of collectivity.

Rooted in a vibrant global arts community, she has exhibited internationally, and organized events that facilitate in-depth dialogue and research between artists, writers and curators, for the overall purpose of encouraging a more integrated, sensitive and equitable creative exchange.

She has exhibited Eistrup has exhibited in art institutions and galleries in Europe, the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, including institutions like Aarhus Art Museum, Charlottenborg (Copenhagen), Galleri Image(Aarhus), Arnolfini (London), Momentum Nordic Festival for Modern Art (Moss) and Haugar Vestfold Kunstmuseum (Norway). The Modern Museum (Stockholm), Sparwasser (Berlin), Kuala Lumpur, Fine Art Museum (Malaysia), The Taitu Art Center (Ethiopia) and The National Art Gallery (Kingston, Jamaica).


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